Our Story

We're three busy women, all in different stages of life. We're not venture capitalists.
Or bodybuilders. We're lifelong snackers. And we all found we had the same problem.

We'll be honest we're tired of carrot sticks. We're tired of seaweed snacks and wafer-thin crackers
with a serving size of two. Low-calorie snacks are great, but truthfully, we're hungry.

We're not made of pixie dust. Like you, we're busy, working humans. We get our families from point A to point B. Kick butt at work. Do our best to take care of ourselves. But sometimes, it's hard.

There's a lot of stuff out there competing for your attention. Do you YOLO with a sleeve of Oreos, or stick with strict Whole 30? Choose something that will make you feel good now or in the long run? We don't want to choose.

So we reframed the story. We decided: we're doing our best! But life happens. We need snacks to help make our day less stressful, more delicious, and simpler.

We're three busy women, all in different stages of life. As lifelong snackers we've searched and searched for snacks that are food for us, make us feel full and taste amazing. We couldn't find any. So we created them. Just for you. And, let's be honest, us, too.

Jam Packed Snacks is on a mission to help you feel a little bit better at the end of the day. Living healthy doesn't have to suck. Promise.

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