Butter (9 Pack)


A classic. Like a night out at the movies, but better for you.

Hi. You might have noticed I have 14 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber in each bag. I’ll fill you right up AND I'm as tasty as I am good for you.

You look like someone who knows how to show your cravings who’s boss. So go ahead. Live your destiny, crunch queen. #BiteMe


Don't Make Life Harder than it has to be
We've heard that abs are made in the kitchen, but after searching far and wide, we can't find any such kitchen. Sigh. We decided to create snacks that can help with those ab goals and taste fantastic.
You don't have to be perfect. just
know where the perfect snacks are.
WHy is protein such a big deal?
Good for your body, good for your tastebuds.

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